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Switchgear thermal imaging kmacNC 10/9/2008
How often should switchgears be shot. Is once a year in the summer enough?
Re:Switchgear thermal imaging Bob Berry 10/9/2008
This depends on why you are inspecting it.

It is common for the summer and winter loads to vary drastically, if this is the case, then it would need to be imaged both during the summer and winter periods.

From memory;

NFPA 70B (1998 Edition) suggests that the inspection frequency of energized electrical systems should be performed annually prior to shutdown. But it also suggests more frequent infrared inspections (quarterly or semiannually), should be performed where warranted by loss experience, installation of new electrical equipment, or changes in environmental, operational, or load conditions."

EPRI Infrared Guide Revision 3 suggests that critical components should be monitored quarterly and vital components should be monitored quarterly above 480v and every 6 months at 480 volts and below.
Re:Switchgear thermal imaging Pete 11/5/2008
What type of process switchgear are you shooting? Shooting switchgear at a power plant is slightly different than shooting switchgear in another type of process. The majority of loads for our plant are constant loads, indoors with fairly consistent ambient temperatures (benefit of operating on the central coast of california). That is a long winded response for, we shoot our switchgear semiannually. Partly due to our insurance and NRC committments. It is surprising how many thermal anomalies can show up in a six month time span.

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