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Stolen Lenses JKEngineer 10/12/2008
On Oct. 12, 2008, some of my equipment was stolen on a jobsite. If you become aware of anyone offering it for sale, please contact me immediately.

The equipment was lenses for a FLIR / Inframetrics Thermacam 390, plus auxiliary equipment.

telephoto lens 8FOV, 08419-200 (Inframetrics)
wide angle lens 32FOV, 08222-200 (Inframetrics)
macro lens 100 micron
Kestrel anemometer K3000 S/N 3555845
individual cases for each of the lenses and a case for everything (gray nylon).



Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
Bronx, NY
come see what we can do for you:

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