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Attic vents??? T. R. 10/23/2008
Can anyone tell me if an attic vent should be completely clear directly in front of it? I found missing insulation in a ceiling, and was told by a contractor that it was to keep the vent from being clogged. Is there a code or normal practice for this type installation? See photos for reference. Sorry I cannot post the visual, it is too large of a file. Here is the IR. The entire insulation bay in front of the vent was clear of insulation for at least 3'.
Re:Attic vents??? T. R. 10/23/2008
Email any assistance to Thank you!
Re:Attic vents??? MR. EXCELLENCE 10/23/2008
The proper way to set up an attic vent is to put the insulation just up to the bird blocking then install a 2foot by 2 foot x 1/2" plywood on top of the plywood this will hold the insulation down under the plywood and let the air vent provide air to the attic. what you have in your scan is a very poor job of the insulation installer. its normal to have some void but that is a very poor instlation job.


Re:Attic vents??? DAVEVALLEY 11/5/2008
When scanning interior ceilings, I find 80% of soffit vents are not installed properly.

In the attic, the insulation blanket should be laid down onto the ceiling surface and out into the soffit cavity. The baffles should be installed onto the roof sheathing in order to allow the cold air to enter on top of insulation and up to the ridge vent.

I'm finding a lot of insulation blankets sitting in the floor joist cavities but the orientation is reversed or the insulation blanket is too short.

My website will show you how to properly vent an attic.
Re:Attic vents??? LenMelso 11/5/2008
Dave, I couldn't agree w/ you more!! I've done over 300 residential IR surveys and only about 20% of the homes have insul installed correctly. I love the diagrams on your site. Where did you get them? Are they openly available. Please let me know.
Thanks, Len
Infrared Energy Services -PA
Re:Attic vents??? jvoitl 11/10/2008
Is this the Dave Valley that used to be the Flir rep. in Colorado? If so please call me at 303 277-2454.

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