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Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? tedinoue 10/27/2008
I came across this warm pattern in a ceiling below a bathroom. The radiators have been running and there's flaking paint in the region, indicating a water leak. But the pattern is quite different from most water leaks I've seen. The edges are very well defined.
I was unable to measure the actual moisture levels at the time but may return for a follow-up to see how it looks.

Any thoughts?
Re:Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? MR. EXCELLENCE 10/27/2008
You need to check that with a moisture meter. it may be a hot water leak.

look forward to your next post.
Re:Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? R44David 11/5/2008
This thermal pattern could be from a snake in the attic. Sounds strange, however, I have found snake sheds in the attic
Re:Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? sdrennan 11/5/2008
May also want to check for hot water piping.
Re:Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? LenMelso 11/5/2008
It's a radiator line. I've seen it numerous times. Also saw dryer vent duct look like this, but only w/ it running. Hot water plumbing unlikely, the area would be wet unless the leak started 2 minutes before you scanned the area, again unlikely. Think about it, water would be constantly flowing if it was leaking! Another idea would be conduction from hot water pipe, but only if hot water was run through while you scanned it, otherwise once the spigot is off, the pipe cools, hence the wait for hot water when you turn them on. The rad line may have a small leak, but again unlikely. The flaking paint is the dead giveaway, the heat from the rad causes expansion and contraction of the sheetrock, along w/ heating and cooling (condensation)and the paint flakes. You should always have a moisture meter if you are performing IR surveys.
Thanks, Len
Infrared Energy Services
Re:Unknwon pattern in ceiling - water leak? LenMelso 11/5/2008
Also check the thermal pattern in the wall in the middle of the IR part of the image. It looks like the rad line which runs thru the wall. Also, where is the rad in the bathroom, usu right along the wall, like above right where you are looking. Did u go upstairs and check why you were seeing this below?
Also, the guy who posted about snakes, that's not as crazy as you may think. This isn't it here, but they do like hot water pipes (I've seen them wrapped around them). Pests like recessed lights, radiator pipes, furnaces, esp when the cold weather comes.
I've performed over 300 residential IR surveys, and I learn something new every time.
Thanks again,
Infrared Energy Services -PA

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