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Creating files for image descriptions Ben10 10/28/2008
I have tried to create .tcf files with wordpad and was not able to rename the file name extension to .tfc.
What program do you use to create .tcf files.
Re:Creating files for image descriptions IRJay 10/28/2008
I use wordpad, notepad and preferably excel. As long as the file has the extension and formated correctly it will function correctly. The format is very important. To follow this open a simple saved .tcf file to review this format. Good luck. Remember you can always ask for help from any of the instructors or the support staff. We would be very willing to help.
Re:Creating files for image descriptions jgagnon 10/28/2008
I would advise using Notepad rather than Wordpad. To rename the extensions you must set windows to show file extensions. To do this open My Computer and select "Tools > Folder Options". Click the "View" tab and un-check "Hide extensions for known file types". Change .txt to .tcf.

It is much easier to use the TCF editor included with Reporter. This comes with Reporter 2000, 7, and 8.

In the future please post FLIR technical support questions to


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Re:Creating files for image descriptions Ben10 10/28/2008
Thanks. I really appreciate. It will be very usefull.

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