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Warm Connections won't go away John B 11/12/2008
I find many connection points that are just a bit warm, and on only one side of a device. For example, T1 on the bottom of a motor starter might be warm, but the same phase ahead of the starter will not. The other two phases might look the same at both sides of the starter. Tightening warm connections will often not make them go away. What's going on?
Re:Warm Connections won't go away T. R. 11/13/2008
A picture would help more, but from the info you provided it seems that a milli-volt drop across the device would tell you whats going on. With a multi-meter apply the leads across each of the phases, and I imagine that the one that is warmer will likely be a much higher reading than the other phases. Indicating that phase has high resistance and may fail sooner than the others. If it is a sealed device, you may have to replace it. If not, open it and clean that portion and make sure the contact pressure is good (all while the device is off of course). Take all the safety precautions when performing this, as the equipment is energized.

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