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Converting .asf to .wmv Colin 11/19/2008
How do I convert the .asf formatted video to .wmv format?
Re:Converting .asf to .wmv Bernie Lyon 11/21/2008
Colin wrote:
I convert the .asf formatted video to .wmv format?
Use Windows Movie Maker. This is standard in Windows. If you can not locate the file, search for "moviemk.exe."
Click on "Import Video" and select the ASF file you need. If you are familiar with the program you can edit the video using the tools found underneath "Edit Movie."
When you are finished you can save the movie as a WMV file.

As an alternative, you can use a free converter, such as "Super." This program can be found here:
The download link is near the bottom of the page.

You can also use "Media Converter" from Daniusoft. It is available for $34.95 here:

If you just want to view videos, you should try the free GOM player. It plays numerous video file formats and has the ability to make many fine adjustments on the video you are viewing. You can get that here:

Re:Converting .asf to .wmv RRaymer 2/18/2009
Colin wrote:
I convert the .asf formatted video to .wmv format?
In addition to Bernie's recommendations below, you can also use a download called "Free Zune Video Converter" Just Google it and you will find a download. Zune will convert the ".asf" files to either Windows Media Video (.wmv) or MP4.

If you are using a COWON A2, the ZUNE video converter will allow you to see the 3-5 seconds of "dead" video that you get when you play the ".asf" files back in Windows Media or Windows Movie Maker.

If you are using a COWON A3 and having trouble playing back the ".asf" files, please contact me for more information. Email:
Re:Converting .asf to .wmv JKEngineer 2/19/2009
I am not sure it supports .asf, but you could also try Format Factory, available free at
It is similar to Super, but has some advantages in its interface - easier to use once you get used to it. (That sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but there are a couple of quirks that need to be figured out.) I have had mixed results with the quality of conversions from Super, perhaps because it gives me too many choices and I make poor guesses. Format Factory, in addition to being customizable, also has "standard" conversions for high, mid, and low quality.
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Re:Converting .asf to .wmv Andy Whitcher 3/19/2010
Now you can download FLIR videoreport software from custhelp. It's like Windows moviemaker but easier to use especially if you have vista or windows 7. Plus it works with the new GF camera codec.

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