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Induction Example Chris Colson 4/1/2004
I thought I would try out the new image upload feature with an example of induction I captured last week.

This is a tap box on a run of buss duct. Whoever installed this forgot or didn't know that when you are running multiple conductors of the same phase you should separate the conductors, otherwise induction will occur.
Re:Induction Example Hari 4/8/2004
Very good facility of upload and a nice picture to share.
Re:Induction Example Carl M 4/8/2004
Chris, the way it works is the conductors of all three phases must be run together when they enter a ferrous metal enclosure, otherwise inductive heating will take place. By running the three different phase conductors together through each entrance, they cancel each others electromagnetic field.

Carl M.
Re:Induction Example Carl M 4/8/2004
I see now, you are saying the same thing.

Yes, very nice images.

Carl M.
Re:Induction Example LarryC 6/19/2004
Could you please tell me what was the temperature of the metal around the knockouts?

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