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engine coupled to a pulley gagusherhe 12/5/2008
good afternoon gentlemen I present an image of an engine coupled to a pulley, I can state that means that in the shaft while the high temperature in the low pulley.
thanks for your interpretation
excuse my english
Re:engine coupled to a pulley wsampson 1/8/2009
could the shaft be showing a reflected temperature from a nearby object?
Have you stopped the motor and verified the shavt temp with a contact thermometer?
Re:engine coupled to a pulley Jorge Cisneros 1/10/2009
Be careful when you measure with a non contact thermometer. Paste a non conductive tape, usually black color, on the shaft. On the other side, this high temp is obviously affecting the bearings; whatever you do, keep in mind bearings change.
It could be the infrared radiation of temp of the bearings better shown on the shaft than on the cover.

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