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Just Starting.....need advice sjmb 12/18/2008
Hello All,

I am looking into doing infared inspections, mainly to earn some side money. I don't think I have the market or population to sustain a full time business, plus that it not what I am looking for. I am currently a independent claims adjuster and have been for about 7 years. I am primarily looking into doing simple house audits for heat loss. Nothing fancy, but I do want to be good at what I do and provide a quality product. What is the best camera to get to perform simple inspections. I guess what I'm asking is there any bonus to getting an expensive camera to do simple inspections or will the base model work the same.I am planning to go to a class in March and would like to have my camera by then. The camera will also help me in the adjusting world when I am handling nasty water claims. Any advice is good advice. Thanks!!
Infrared Camera for House Inspection 911Restoration 12/19/2008
At 911 Restoration we use the “Flir” Thermography camera for all of our mold inspections calls, with our years of experience in the mold industry I can assure you that this device will provide accurate and fast results. Very recommended.

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