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Quick View 1.3 - Image Capture.. manuel-thermoimagen 1/13/2009
Would like to know if there are any software that captures LIVE infrared VIDEO into the computer, compatible with camera EX-300.

QuickView 1.3 for now captures Images 'remotly' from computer and it saves on Camera, then can transfered to computer..

maybe i need to use any TV-CARD type device?

Re:Quick View 1.3 - Image Capture.. jgagnon 1/14/2009
FLIR Systems does not supply any products to capture video from an EX300. You can try using a video digitizer to record the video from the composite output of the camera. Here is an example of a USB device with this capability: .

You could also try a portable DVR such as the Cowon A3: .

Note that these devices record standard video so post processing is not possible with FLIR software.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Re:Quick View 1.3 - Image Capture.. manuel-thermoimagen 1/15/2009
thanks Jason..

my question you answered well..
i was looking for some sort of software like FSCAP but for the camera ex300.


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