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Roof Thermography solution 1/19/2009
Our firm was contacted to perform an IR diagnosis of a roof on a residential building. The roof is composed of concrete slab, ceramic tiles and on top of that an asphalt membrane. We performed a walk through inspection and saw clear evidence of chronic water ponding (asfalt surface stained) and blistering of areas where the tiles underneath have cracked. Where we are (Panama) it is currently hot and dry and the climate will remain this way for the next 3-4 months. We were thinking of saturating the roof surface with spray rack for a few hours and then performing our IR analisis. The residents in the penthouse apts (underneath the roof) suffer leaks during the rainy season. What would be the best method and times to perform the spray test and imaging? Any suggestions? Thanks,
Re:Roof Thermography Duncan W 2/8/2009
Contact Stewart Little of IRT.
I have been carrying out thermographic surveys for 18 years and he is one of the best building blokes i know
Re:Roof Thermography Braun 2/8/2009
Do the survey at night. Allow 3 to 4 days after soaking the roof to allow the water to dry out. If you are able to get a nuclear density gauge it might help you also depending if the roof is ballasted. The ceramic tile might give you a hard time. I hope this helps.

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