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High Emissivity Dots Forrest 4/5/2004
We are looking for a manufacturer of a high emissivity black dot with an adhesive backing. The dot should have a printable surface which is compatable with something like a Brady Labeler.
The intent of the dot is to identify inspection locations and route numbering with a dot of a known emissivity.
The dots will also be used as targets on low emissivity bus work.

Thank you
Re:High Emissivity Dots Gary Orlove 4/5/2004
They don't have to be black to be high emissivity. I would recommend using the all purpose labels available at any office supply store in white. I have used them successfully to place a high emissivity target on low emissivity surfaces, and you can write or type on them.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:High Emissivity Dots IRJay 4/5/2004
Brady or Sexton still makes small vinyl labels that work in the brady labeler product line. Check their website for that. Using the office supply type labels which are made of paper will dry out within a couple years and fall off. They work good for the short term. Using the labeler type label has good industrial adhesion
and you can print any identifying criteria on them. Any color will work for emissivity, we had measured these at .94 once. Use a good contrast type color for readability.

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