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Chimney Inspections tmi 2/5/2009
Has anyone ever used their Infrared Camera to inspect a Brick Chimney?
Re:Chimney Inspections jvoitl 2/5/2009
Haven't done any chimneys but a few years ago they built some town homes here with fireplaces and ended with structure fires. The bricks were not put together properly on the corners. I would think with a small fire this should be easy to find before a big one is built.
Re:Chimney Inspections Daumants 2/9/2009
Wasn't done specialy, but by the way taken one picture showing a crack in chimney.
Re:Chimney Inspections gzuni51 4/1/2009
Where are you located and what were the weather conditons? How old is the chimney? From the shot you posted I would want to check for a foundation shift or water intrusion that has caused mortar failure. I am more inclined to think this is some sort of structural failure that has caused vertical cracking. Because it is in the chimney it is a safety issue.Is there any interior cracking visable around the dry wall inside?

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