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all around imager question YubaRocks 2/9/2009
I have an old Palm IR 250 and want to go to a Flir. Years ago I used the 250 for survielance on the ranch (stopped thefts cold), pig hunting and inspecting structures (I'm remodeling contractor)but the resolution wasn't very good and of course I had to use RCA to video. I want to update to an all around camera using JPG. Any of you do building inspections and survielance, game watching with the same camera? What's best for all around use?
Re:all around imager question Top Gun 2/10/2009
1. Cruise through the FLIR website at for the cameras and see what they offer. On the lower left of this page there is a section to SEARCH and By Infrared Camera. This will show all of the cameras offered, and you can look at each.

2. Find and contact your local FLIR sales Representative at
You will find something by this method.

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