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stitch IR pictures InDemand Inc. 2/10/2009
Does anyone know how to stitch IR pictures with the 8.1 pro. I upgraded from the 8.1 standard but the book is the same,and does not show how to do it.
Re:David (InDemand) Top Gun 2/10/2009
The software you describe is used for reporting. FLIR has a software that is called IMAGE BUILDER that will stitch together radiometric images. This SW is designed for the purpose of pasting or combining several radiometric images into one. Get your hands on this software and you will accomplish what you are seeking.
Re:David (InDemand) manuel-thermoimagen 2/11/2009
image builder
Re:David (InDemand) Top Gun 2/11/2009
Well done manuel-thermoimagen! Great example of the process I mentioned earlier.
Re:David (InDemand) manuel-thermoimagen 3/4/2009
here you can see more 'stitched' images i already did. some of them are fully radiometric, which means you can 'save as' and modify with you infrared software..

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