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Levels in Fuel Storage Tanks Edd Hindmarsh 2/22/2009
Obtaining the levels of vertical storage tanks with thermal imaging is straight forward, but spherical and horizontally mounted tubular concern me sometimes. The general theory is ok but whe top of both of these types of tanks have the reflected temperature of the sky, and the underside the reflected temperature of the ground which where I operate is generally much warmer. I prefer to use the images of the ends of the tubular ones, but I am not too happy with the sperical results.
Any advice or reccomendations welcome
Edd Hindmarsh
Re:Levels in Fuel Storage Tanks manuel-thermoimagen 3/10/2009
can you share images with the concerns?..and the ones of the ends to see the differences?..

you are right, fuel tanks will have low emisivity surfaces in order to avoid the warming and vapors.

experience and creativity will guide you to take images you need,

it is posible to sketching or stamp a high emisivity line across the surface?
Re:Levels in Fuel Storage Tanks qhinspect 3/14/2009
Paint a stripe with high emissivity paint
in different areas. Might help
Re:Levels in Fuel Storage Tanks Edd Hindmarsh 3/15/2009
I have been trying to reply to the responses but only seem able to upload one image at a time. Is this correct,I don't think so. How do you do it. The tanks are painted with a grey oil paint so the emissivity is not a problem.

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