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COOLWALL Danm 2/26/2009
Anyone have any experience with a product called COOLWALL? Supposedly reflects IR and thus saves cooling costs for a home. Stuff is somewhat like paint and one can realize cooling cost savings between 4.2 - 21.9%.
Re:COOLWALL Doctir bob 3/5/2009
"Supposedly reflects IR" is the key phrase. Perhaps this product works. But I have seen products that purport to reflect IR and they have the IR images to prove it. Problem is the product reflected IR in the midwaveband (3 - 5 micrometers) which for earth temperatures has about 1.1% of total IR radiant energy. It did not reflect well at all at longer wavelengths.

The longwaveband would give 26% of the total radiant energy. Neither tells the entire story. One could have the product measured spectrally over a broad waveband by a company such as Surface Optics Corporation for a nominal price and verify its IR reflectance. See

Knowing the true spectral reflectance of the product would allow a more accurate calculation of expected savings. As radiant loss from the interior of a home to the inside surface of the outside walls often comprises close to 2/3 of the total (not counting infiltration/exfiltration), a product like this that is aesthetically acceptable could be of great value.

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