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Greg Stockton Interview - How to Get Customers Find-a-Leak 2/26/2009
Hi There,

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Stockton to get a fresh updated perspective on the IR industry in the USA, and what direction it's heading.

Greg has used infrared cameras for a very wide range of niche applications (some that you may not have thought of). This call was recorded with his permission, and you can now listen to it at no charge.

We talk about niche markets, how much money can be made in the industry, and how to get customers. We also talk about why some thermographers fail to get their business off the ground.

No matter what your experience level is, you'll be sure to pick up a few 'gems' from the info on this call.

You can get the link to the interview here...

If you are short of IR jobs at the moment, he also talks about how to pick up more work.


Thermographer from 'Downunder' (Please excuse my accent on the call!)
Re:Greg Stockton Interview - How to Get Customers Find-a-Leak 4/9/2009

I've recorded another free interview with Andy Perry, a very successful thermographer in the USA.

We talk about how to make money joint venturing with local doctors, boat thermography and horse thermal imaging.

Here's the direct link to the interview..


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