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Smolder/combustion ciglady 4/6/2004
What's the difference between smolder and combustion in a cigarette? How to measure them using FLIR at the same time?
Re:Smolder/combustion Gary Orlove 4/6/2004
Combustion or Burning: A chemical reaction in which a material combines with oxygen with the creation of heat.

Smolder: burn slowly and without a flame

Combustion generally refers to a rapid oxidation accompanied by a "flame". Cigarettes primarily smolder.

To see both at the same time requires an IR camera with a wide dynamic or temperature range, able to see lower and higher temperatures at the same time with acceptable thermal resolution. Today's microbolometer based cameras have very wide temperature ranges and are well suited to this type of measurement. See for a variety of infrared cameras that would fit your needs.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center


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