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Transformer Load Tap Changer Issue LoSmith 4/2/2009
This is a thermal image of a 69KV to 12.47KV 20MVA power transformer in one of or distribution susbstation. After returning from my level 1 certification class with ITC I learned that on these types of transformers if the load tap changer is hotter than the tranformer itself then there could be problems inside the LTC. After takeing this thermograph I notified the Substation Foreman who had a Disolved Gas Analysis (DGA) done and sure enough the test also indicated that there was a problem inside the tap changer. An outage was planned and the LTC was opened. We found that the B phase reversing contactor was worked loose and was completely coked up with burned oil. When we drained the oil at first the oil was clear, by the end the oil was black with soot. The second picture is of the reversing contactor and the problem. It is really neat to be able to find and correct these problems before something catestrophic happens or a unscheduled outage puts customers in the dark.
Re:Transformer Load Tap Changer Issue Doctir bob 4/3/2009
Thank you for your positive comments. We really appreciate it when our students are successful and our training has helped. Keep up the great work!

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