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lubrication and temperature gagusherhe 4/7/2009
friends them good morning attached interesting images that have been taking for days where a diminution of temperature in bearings of a pump of vacuum SIHI HALBERG is seen in which mount dispenser fat devices which assure a constant lubrication and without excesses in the bearings. I have one doubts as I relate this difference in temperature to an energy saving? this with the purpose of to justify the investment of the dispensers. thanks for its commentaries.
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Re:lubrication and temperature gagusherhe 4/7/2009
image after mounted the device
Re:lubrication and temperature thm 4/17/2009
You show one bearing on the vacuum pump. I have found more often than not, that one bearing will be hotter than the other--typically, lubrication will correct this problem. However, it could be caused by too much lubrication or a split service on the vacuum pump causing the rotor to be thrust in one direction due to the imbalance on the vacuum pump. I have seen it due to lack of lubrication more than anything else.

I would not say that the energy savings would help justify the cost of the automatic grease dispensers, but rather the automatic grease dispensers may keep the pump from failing due to an excessively hot bearing. Hope this helps.

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