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Help with calibrating an Inframetrics 740 or 760... BisonAviation 4/15/2009
Good Morning Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has information on entering the calibration mode on an Inframetrics 740 or 760? We have the blackbody, etc in our avionics lab and are familiar with calibrating imagers, we just don't have the info on how to get to those settings on the 740 / 760 series units.

We contacted FLIR yesterday and while the technician we spoke with was very polite and courteous, we were told that the system would have to come to them because it required special software which they wouldn't release because they felt we "wouldn't be able to make it work". That makes me think that there is actually a disk that must be placed in the controller at start-up which tells the system to enter calibration mode, as opposed the the Model 600 which had a field calibration mode built right into its internal software.

Of course sending the unit to FLIR means paying $1500 to have them run a calibration that we are fully capable of doing in-house and we're just not willing to do that right now.

I'm hoping that someone here on the board might have the instructions for putting the system into calibration mode, or perhaps a copy of the "software" that is required.

We will certainly be happy to pay anyone who can help us out for their efforts!

Thanks in advance.


John Atkin
888-767-2476 / 210-477-8561

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