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Flare Monitoring Cruzer 4/13/2004
I need some help or suggestions on how to monitor the presence of a flame in a flare pilot using an IR device. The presence of a pilot flame is a requirement during flaring. We have a thermocouple that gives us an indication of a flame but reliability of thermocouples are always in question and replacing them requires a shutdown. The pilot burner is on top of a flare that is several hundred feet up in the air. A reliable IR device seems to be a good alternative or backup if the thermocouple fails. The IR device should be fixed mount on the ground, rugged, weather resistant and should be able to see through any weather conditions (i.e., rain, fog, smoke, steam, etc). Please help if you have any experience in this type of monitoring and any suggestion as to the type of IR device to use. Thanks a lot in advance.
Re:Flare Monitoring danny_b 4/20/2004
You cant use a flame detector(UV)
Re:Flare Monitoring Gary Orlove 5/5/2004
An IR device can be used as well. Usually flames show up better with a 3-5 ┬Ám device. But the apparent temperature and the apparent size of the flame will depend greatly on the material being burned, the wavelength sensitivity of the system, and the spatial resolution of the system.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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