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humiditi and infrared thermography gunay 4/13/2004
If I change the humidity value at my camera what hapens. Can you explain me clearly.
Re:humiditi and infrared thermography Thermoimagen 4/13/2004
Hi gunay..
sorry by the answer due you are waiting response from Gary ...

One point about humidity..
you can make some experiments with your thermal equipment looking at fixed temp object. for example your battery charger. take several shoots and change the humidity value .. you can post your findings here ..

Re:humiditi and infrared thermography ron lucier 4/13/2004
Gunay -

The distance question and humidity question are directly related. Some of the energy that leaves the target never reaches your camera due to water vapor and Carbon Dioxide in the air. In the long wave it is primarily water vapor that causes this attenuation. If you put the distance from the camera to the target and correctly input the himidity, an atmospheric calculation is automatically done and corrects for this energy loss.

To see the effect of humidity, set the distance in the camera to 1 meter. Vary humidity from 1% to 99%. It will affect you measurement very little. Then set the distance to 1000 meters and do the same thing. You will see that at 1 kilometer, distance and humidity is a very big effect.

Remember, if temperature measurement is not important (qualitative survey) you do not have to make this correction. In most other cases, such as indoors, the atmospheric attenuation is a very small correction and generally is ignored. Outdoors, at significant distances, is where it is generally applied.

Best Regards,

Ron Lucier - ITC

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