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distace and infrared measuring gunay 4/13/2004
Hi Gary again me.
Secont question, what is the connection of distance and infrared measuring. We have Agema 570. For this camera, what is the real distance for measuring? For example If I measure any object from 15m is it real value or what.
Re:distace and infrared measuring jctermo 4/14/2004
Dear Gunay

This can be explained with the concept of Spot Size Ratio, for the 570 I am not pretty sure but could be close to 250 so this is equal D/S= 250, where D is the real distance from your 570 to the objet and S is the smallest lenght of the object.

As in your case for accurate temperature measurement, you must clearly understand the SSR for your camera, this means for a 15 m. distance the smallest object you can measure must be greater than 6 cm.

Also you must take into account absortion effects due to water vapor or carbon dioxide but this mainly affects you on hundreds of meters. AS clearly stated by Ron Lucier

Hope this helps!!

Juan C. Hidalgo
ITC Latinamerican Instructor

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