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Can IR imaging be used on concrete lintels? avezview 5/5/2009
Hi all, I am looking for a non-destructive method to detect whether or not there is a void present inside a reinforced concrete lintel that forms an integral part of my house structure. Could someone please advise me if:

A) infrared would be a suitable method for identifying any voids inside a lintel and if so B) some suggested models of equipment that would be suited to the job.

I have excellent access to the lintel, its 80mm wide x 150mm depth. Im sure anyone reading this post will quickly deduce that im not a professional, just an average joe who would appreciate some impartial advice from the bright sparks who make up this forum and therefore any info or suggestions would much appreciated.
Re:Can IR imaging be used on concrete lintels? Bob Berry 5/5/2009
Why do you think there is a void in this lintel?

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