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IR Windows Deputy Dog 5/6/2009
I am planning to perform andIR inspection of several lineups of 15kV switchgear. The rear of the sections have one IR window installed in the center of the unit. The label onsome of them says:H.VIR 100 COMET and some say: H.VIR 105 COMET. My questions are how can I expect to see all of the connections through 1 samll window and what are the characteristics of these windows?
Re:IR Windows Raphael ITC Eurasia 5/7/2009
HVIR 100 and HVIR 105 are manufactured by SOREM, in France, and distributed all over the world by various companies.
HVIR100 is for MW cameras, whereas HVIR105 spectral characteristics make it fit for MW and LW.
Visit for technical details.

Note that you need both the effective transmittance of the window for your camera, and the window temperature, to perform accurate through measurement. Without these data, no temperature values can be extracted and your inspection remains qualitative, meaning if there is a fault you detect it, but you cannot give its severity. This appears restrictive but can be enough.
The determination of the effective transmittance, and the influence of the window temperature, is a topic seen in Level 2 courses.

Re:IR Windows Tony Holliday (HAWK IR) 5/8/2009
In some cases a single IR Window can be enough to see what you need.

However, if your 15kV equipment has phase barriers - used to reduce the effective dielectric clearance - or your system includes parallel feeders then a single window could be challenging.

When considering any quantitive inspection of electrical equipment, the most important supplemetary measurement is always load. If you are not measuring load then you cannot make sense of your temperature measurement from a condition monitoring standpoint.

Once you have measured load, you also need to consider "dwell-time". This is a measure of the length of time that the switchgear has been at that load in order to understand how much effect the current has had on conductors and if there has been time for a potential problem to manifest itself by way of an increase in heat transfer.

IR Windows are a great tool for infrared and cornona inspection of your MV switchgear but they must be sited and installed correctly or their impact will not be realised.

I am confident that FLIR can help with your IR Window needs.



Re:IR Windows Laland 5/9/2009
Hi Tony,

Can you email me brochure and/or some technical write-ups about IR Windows.

Have some clients who are interested on installing it. Email me at



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