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Magnetic Field effect IR-indo 4/15/2004
I want to inspect at smelter area, which have heavy magnetic field (4000 Gauss). I am worry with my IR Camera will damaged. Please advice, could I use IR camera (PM695/P60) at this area?
Re:Magnetic Field effect Gary Orlove 4/19/2004
See this post for information on this subject,

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Magnetic Field effect Clay Mitchell 4/27/2004
We are inspecting in heavy magnetic fields at our facility. We tried the PM 695 and it would start to heat up and would go into a recalibration mode. along with the visual camera part of the camera getting very hot to the touch. So we started using our PM 390 and have had good success. It will act up a little when too close to bus but still able to acquire images. (Warning)Do not use your LCD screen as it will make short work of it.

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