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tripod or monopod (also called unipod) thermalator 5/19/2009
Looking for comments re experience with monopods. They come in a wide variety of prices and am considering trying one in place of a tripod. Speed and lightness are teh benefits, but do they serve the thermographer?
Re:tripod or monopod (also called unipod) Gary Orlove 5/20/2009
Absolutely! Any method to steady the camera, and reduce strain on the thermographer's wrists are useful tools.

I usually use a tripod myself, but I am not doing thermography on a daily basis.
Re:tripod or monopod (also called unipod) jvoitl 5/20/2009
I use a monopod in my regular photography and it works beautifully, faster and easier to transport than a tripod.
Re:tripod or monopod (also called unipod) MOM666 6/5/2009
I have been using both and find that when a tripod is not practical to use a monopod helps improve the quality of the images. It is also handy for extending the camera to a height that is just out of arm reach.
Re:tripod or monopod (also called unipod) IR Eye 6/5/2009
Here's a cheap and simple solution. Instead of a tripod or monopodt take five or six foot length of web strap, put a grommet in one end of it and put a bolt through the grommet which fits into your tripod socket on the bottom of your camera. Now, while standing on the end of the strap, pull out the slack and it acts like a monopod. It's a lot easier to carry it around than a monopod and will fit in your pocket.

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