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'mapping' thermal environments in and around vegetation rom 6/1/2009
Hi. I am an ecologist interested in exploring the potential for using IR imaging to 'map' thermal environments in and around vegetation eg. for a tree. The aim is to use this information to investigate the importance of vegetation as a refuge for different desert animals. What we want to do is get an idea of temperatures in and around trees. Although much desert vegetation has very little foliage, I imagine that getting an idea of temperatures 'inside' trees using IR imaging is problematic. I'd be very grateful if anyone had any thoughts or ideas if this might be an avenue worth pursuing and how such a task could be tackled.

Many thanks
Re:'mapping' thermal environments in and around vegetation gmhill53 6/5/2009
First, this seems to be an interesting application of Thermal Imaging. Could you please tell me your location. I reside in Williams, AZ., near the Grand Canyon. I'm an ITC Certified Thermographer. My company is Gateway Thermal Imaging Services, LLC. I'm always interested in new applications. Please contact me. Thanks, Gerry Hill

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