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Opposing Views On Thermography Thermoimagen 4/18/2004
Two strangely diametrical events concerning themography have recently occurred, attracting much attention among health care professionals in all specialties.
On one hand, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation recently issued a favorable white paper on neuromusculoskeletal thermography1, confirming and amplifying what chiropractic physicians have known for nearly a century relative to the relationship of surface temperature to underlying biomechanical abnormalities.

Within this same time frame, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) has announced a proposal to withdraw Medicare coverage for thermography2. Certainly, both of these events require further elucidation.

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Re:Opposing Views On Thermography Jungian Archtype 12/9/2008
I am studying medical applications for purely academic / personal reasons, and came across this post. At a recent training I attended, it was brought up that one of the problems encountered in the history of medical thermography was that a few years ago it was quite accepted, but then, as there was no quaity control in place, anyone who wanted to could set up with a camera and make "diagnoses" with no basis. The field is apparently still recovering.
As to the withdrawal of coverage, it as expected that in these times of financial " belt tightening", that there would be a review of technology used without proper basis and/or certification.
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