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What is required to take up IR as career? Hari 4/18/2004
I am impressed with IR tech. I want clear guidance in starting up as IR predictive maintenance consultant. I want to be in electrical PM area. Can any one help and guide me.

Re:What is required to take up IR as career? Thermoimagen 4/18/2004
impressed?..well is amazing..

buy or lease a camera will be not enough just if want to start bussines

for obvious reasons, will need some backgroung experience on the area you want to apply thermography. look at the flir guys,, the youngest i guess have 15 years of infrared experience.

will need some training courses on camera and infrared thermography. besides all the safety issues involved on each type of area.

One of the most important part is to make market research. If the place where you live is full of factories and facilities will need to know who they have cameras, who lease the service, who can be your customers.

goog luck.

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