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Thermal image, thru a piece of glass(please help) Oleg 4/19/2004
Greetings, we have an old Inframetrics 760 camera and we want record a proces of burning. But it can only be recorded thru a protective window( made of glass). No matter how much I have tried to make the camera "see" thru glass, I was unsucsesful.
So my faith lies now in the hands of the gurus of thermography.
Re:Thermal image, thru a piece of glass(please help) Gary Orlove 4/19/2004
The 760 came in a 8-12 µm, 3-5 µm, or 3-12 µm wavelength sensitivities, with several filter options to narrow these down as well. There are a number of materials that would work depending on which camera you have.

But as a general optical material I would investigate Zinc Selenide (ZnSe).

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Thermal image, thru a piece of glass(please help) Doctir bob 4/19/2004
FLIR also sells IR windows, primarily for the predictive maintenance market, so you would need to investigate their suitability for your application.

Generally, for viewing flame through a port, you would need high strength materials that can "take the heat". Sapphire is a great material with good transmittance out to 4 micrometers.

There is an interesting website that gives spectral response curves for various window materials: Look under "optical materials"


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