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knee thermogram manuel-thermoimagen 6/17/2009
hi there..
just would like to share image of friend of mine who tell me that feels little pain at right knee. i am not a doctor, so, just point and shot camera and this was the image resulting. any comments will appreciate.
Re:knee thermogram manuel-thermoimagen 6/17/2009
same image, diferent pallete
Re:knee thermogram manuel-thermoimagen 6/17/2009
another pallete
Re:knee thermogram Dominic A 8/1/2009
You should compare both knee.

The temp. difference will be better after a little exercise. Like running for 10 min.

I did it once for a friend and the difference was really clear.

I'll try to find the image and post it here.

Re:knee thermogram Dominic A 8/4/2009
This is the picture.
You can see a little difference of temperature between both knees.
The knee on the right side of this image is the knee with the problem. The problem was in the inside of the leg.
The picture was taken after 15 min of running. This is why there is inflamation.

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