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PIP works OK :-) Ramiro Álvarez 6/22/2009
A pair of examples:

Cheers, Ramiro
Re:PIP works OK :-) Ramiro Álvarez 6/23/2009
Ramiro Álvarez wrote:
of examples:

Cheers, Ramiro
Just one suggestion for the FLIR PIP developers: PIP is now a rectangle that you can move and change its width/height, but really PIP would be much better if besides of rectangles you could also draw poligonal lines (like when you are assigning emissivities to a irregular poligonal surface). Imagine that you have to deliver a report of a whole lake or river, you need the exact shape of the lake to discriminate it from the surrounding land or vegetation, the "thermal lake" will fit better with a poligonal line than a rectangle.

Best Regards,

Would be possible in the near future to have a "Poligonal PIP"?

Re:PIP works OK :-) Gary Orlove 7/1/2009
You should post your request for additional features to


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