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HID Low Bay Lamp, Short Circuit Need Advice manuel-thermoimagen 7/14/2009
hi Guys..

After ran infrared inspection at electrical distribution system on a facility plant, maintenance guy make a call to ask me the following:

if it is posibble to detect by infrared technology bad electrical condition on low bay HID LAMPS. this due few days ago, one of the lamps started to burn it itself due lot of sparks comming from balast, maybe due loose wire inside, damage wire insulation, high temp balast damage etc.

would like to heard from you guys.

maybe there are some paper around that i had not read yet.

Re:HID Low Bay Lamp, Short Circuit Need Advice highgear 7/15/2009
It is not uncommon for HID lighting ballasts and/or capacitors to "go up in smoke" like you describe. Using infrared, the fixtures reading the hottest compared to other existing ones would be the ones most likely to fail next. In these failing fixtures, the ballast heats up so much that the wire insulation and/or resin surrounding the ballast wiring melts down causing the short circuit. I've noticed the most common failures happen with 400W and above metal halide type.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure of an acceptable "normal" temperature range. Using IR, I would try to pinpoint the ballast housing(s) which are warmer than others...I'd bet they would be the next to burn up.

Hope this helps.

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