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Pressurised Machinery Spaces Merchant Marine 8/30/2009
I am a newbie and hence for an application on commercial ships machinery space, I need to clarify:
1. How do we compensate for the effects of the surroundings – if the Engine room machinery space is under slight positive pressure.
2. The air drafts are at higher velocities near the outlet of the ducts.

The primary target to be scanned are Electrical distribution panels / motors located at various places in the machinery space.
Re:Pressurised Machinery Spaces manuel-thermoimagen 9/4/2009
A) ambient temp is cooler than electrical panels?.. If it is cooler, report besides the Amb temp.
B) are we talking about very high voltages or currents or just 220v-110vac Electrical panels? if there are few amps load, maybe amb temp can be not a factor.
C)Motors: frame temp or bearing temp will need to be good idea to report besides ambient temp and load currents.

my two cents.
Re:Pressurised Machinery Spaces Merchant Marine 9/6/2009
Thanks for your reply and your suggestions will be taken.
1. The voltages in question are mostly in the range of 380V-440V AC and currents mostly vary from 6 Amps to around 50 Amps.

Your response builds a lot of confidence when we enter uncharted territory.

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