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Industry Codes David Campbell 9/29/2009
Just a quick question - is there an actual industry classification code for thermography or does everyone just use the one for NDT. Looking for both USA and Canada numbers if the exist for thermography.
Re:Industry Codes vitor miguel martins filho 10/6/2009
Fuse temperatures
Good afternoon, it knows the electric emissivity, chains, angles of vision, enviromental temperatures and total resistencias of the components in comparison and study. Congratulations
Re:Industry Codes manuel-thermoimagen 10/8/2009
good Post..
maybe will be interesting to post all the codes which thermographer need to know & use in order to be updated.

Re: Industry Codes James Seffrin 10/12/2009
Dear David:

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for thermography and related industries were the topic of a recent Tip of the Week at the IRINFO.ORG website.

You may acccess this Tip for free at the following URL:

Hope this helps.

Jim Seffrin, Publisher


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