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Fuse Temperatures Rookie 9/30/2009
I have been doing some IR Camera work. I have found a group of Bussmann fuses that are common to several of our machines that show up hotter than others. I don’t want to look stupid but I don’t know why they are different.
One example is looking at an ATQR1 fuse that reads 110 degrees while pulling only .24 amps. All connections are good and the fuse holder is as well. The body of the fuse lights up like a light bulb. We have an LP-CC-1 fuse that reads the same way. When I look at an identical machine with a FNA-1 fuse it reads a nearly ambient temperature under the identical conditions.

What am I seeing and why?
Re:Fuse Temperatures IRJay 9/30/2009
Different fuse types have different elements within them. You cannot compare one type to another. If in doubt on a fuse measure two similar fuses with a micro ohm meter and have a valid comparision. Fuses will run warm (their heating elements basically) and the element placement can vary some within the body. Also look at the cost if in doubt and if the fuse is 3 bucks then change it.
Re:Fuse Temperatures wyo 1/19/2011
I also had a similar issue with a hot fuse. Temp of fuse body was 170 F. I contacted buss and they told me that this particular fuse was rated for 176 F. So it was still within spec. If you contact Bussman with the fuse number they will send you the spec of the fuse.

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