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Pain in the Neck Strap bullsonly67 10/16/2009
Does anyone know of a good quality harness system for carrying your IR camera when in the field? I am experimenting around with a style normally used by hunters who carry binoculars in the field, but found that my camera, PM 695 is a little to heavy for the flimsy straps and plastic clips. The provided neck strap gives me a sore neck after carrying for any length of time. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
Re:Pain in the Neck Strap Wireman 10/28/2009
I have had a similar problem with the PM595 which I have used for 9 years. My discomfort became increasingly bad culminating in constant pins and needles in both arms. To cut a long story short, following medical investigation, I had a degenerated disc between C6/C7 and had a replacement disc fitted last summer. I am continuing using the PM595 but in conjunction with a Lowepro S&F shoulder harness, see link , which theoretically distributes the weight more evenly.
Hope this helps.,2028,32.htm
Re:Pain in the Neck Strap bullsonly67 10/29/2009
Thanks for the info Wireman, This harness looks like a great alternative to having a heavy camera around your neck. It also looks like we can also use some of the other accessories to carry equipment like extra batteries or a flashlight.

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