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Common Software hightower 10/23/2009
Hello all,

I have been approached by an Ariel Photography company to provide thermal imaging as part of their service. They have a 100 ft telescopic mast that my Flir B400 can be mounted on. However I have 1 problem, I have the flir 8.3 software that I can down load the images to and analyse but how can I just look at the pictures on my laptop in real time and get the camera to take the pictures that I feel necessary. Is there some form of software that will allow this?

I would appreciate any help possible ?

Thanking you

Frank Thornton
Re:Common Software manuel-thermoimagen 10/29/2009
ask jason gagnon for FSCAP, i dont know if this software can make the job.
Re:Common Software Ti 12/10/2009
You would need to use a composite phono lead from the output on your B400 to your laptop or monitor. If you need to control it then you need a Researcher enabled camera linked by firewire from your laptop to the camera.

I hope this helps
Kind regards


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