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Inspection of a main incomer - advice please jayb 10/26/2009
Can anyone give me some advice, I'm studying thermography and have taken some images of the cables coming out of a main incomer. The room i is based in is quite narrow and has a temp of around 78. degrees farenheit. I would recommend air-conditioning in the room has anybody any comments on th images.
Any help would be welcome.
Re:Inspection of a main incomer - advice please IRJay 10/26/2009
Cannot really see what the component is. Need more information such as load current, device or part. Is this a residence or a commercial/industrial service? Are these conduit or cables? Can the cover be safely removed?
Re:Inspection of a main incomer - advice please manuel-thermoimagen 10/27/2009
not enough info, not so close image.
* maybe false contacts if there are conections in the inside of cabinet.
* maybe induction currents on the wiring
* maybe reflections.

lot of maybes, if you can post closer images, from diferents angles, and like IRjay says, if can safely remove covers to take some images from the interior, will have better understanding what is happening there..

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