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FOR SALE*** lisa66 10/26/2009
Flir B2 Camera...used only 5 times, 3 yrs-old, MINT condition...$6,000.00
Flir Reporter software 7.0 for $1,300.00
Flir Image Builder software for $1,300.00
...or all 3 (camera and both software pkgs.) for only $8,000.00
(when replying please put "FLIR" in subject box.)
Thank you, Lisa
Re:FOR SALE*** Flash 10/27/2009
Hi Lisa,
How much did you pay for the package?
Re:FOR SALE*** lisa66 10/27/2009
I got a package deal that also included training at Flir as well. The cost of the equipment worked out to be $10,000.00 for the camera and $1,600.00 for each software program. (Software total was $3,200.00) I contacted Flir to find out the current cost of the Image Builder software, and they said it was around $2,500.00 to buy it now. The sales lady I spoke with at Flir this week said I could probably get what I paid for them.
If you are interested, check back because if I have no takers by Nov. 21st, I will reduce the camera price to $5,700.00.
I am asking this price because as I mentioned in the original post, the camera is in mint condition.
Thanks for your interest!

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