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ROTATING FURNACES walterdaniel 5/4/2004
Some questions:
* How much the reflected energy is? (+- 1200ÂșC)
* If I haven't any direct temperature measure, how can estimate the emissivity value?
* If the atmosphere has quite CO2 and O3 could I do a reasonable measure?
And many others, but may be someone can help me with experiences.

Re:ROTATING FURNACES walterdaniel 5/4/2004
More information:

Atmosphere composition O2 15%- Ni 65% - CO2 10% - H2O 20%

Furnace long 60mt (point of view is at one extreme)
Re:ROTATING FURNACES Thermoimagen 5/4/2004
your had post a good question due the fact that the atmosfere (medium that the infrared has to pass thru) is not just water or CO contents.

The difficult to measure temperature with thermocouple to try to get reference temp to get reflected energy is non common due the fact that furnace is motion..

is what i call "torito" ..

for the atmosfere contents, i can detect poor combustion (hi O2) and lot of contamination (hi Ni's) is this application using bunker oil (oil #6)

i can not give this thread any help, just that is one of the ones that has to be "bookmarked" ..

Re:ROTATING FURNACES Gary Orlove 5/5/2004
A few questions:

1. What type of fuel is being burned in the furnace?

2. Can you upload an image of the furnace?

3. What are you trying to inspect in the furnace, and what conditions are you hoping to discover?

4. What wavelength IR camera are you using?

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:ROTATING FURNACES walterdaniel 5/5/2004
They burn petroleum gas

AGEMA 550 Elite is my equipment, short wave with filter

They want to make the inside tempeture profile


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