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Water In Subgrade Dusty 5/4/2004
Has anyone had any luck detecting water infiltration below an asphalt surface? More specifically, water in the subgrade below a road surface and being able to trace the source.
Re:Water In Subgrade Humberto 6/2/2004
I´ve found several leaks in swiming pool water systems and they were under concrete.

You would have to do the inspection at night, there is a short window of opportunity about 3 hours (depending on how sunny was the day) for the road to cool down and be able to detect the infiltration.
This is specially possible IF the infiltration is not very deep (probably 3 feet at the most) under the ground and in asphal it probably will be less than that.

I hope you have luck!

Re:Water In Subgrade AdriaanB 6/18/2004
We already did a survey on one of the highways with some great success with regards to water penetration below the road surface.

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