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Energy loss from walk in cooler calculation Julian 11/30/2009
I have a customer that wants us to run a comparison on how much energy is being lost from a walk in cooler running without an air curtain as opposed to running an air curtain when the door is open. My first instinct is to take temp measurements on a paper bag hanging in the doorway for 5 minutes after each scenario. Then with a base measurement from inside the cooler and the size of the door opening I assume there would be a calculation I could run to show the amount of loss in both cases. Am I on the right track here and can anyone point me to the correct calculation?
Re:Energy loss from walk in cooler calculation rbushee 11/30/2009
You are on the right track but i would use a material closer to the curtain for more acurate measurements.
Re:Energy loss from walk in cooler calculation jvoitl 11/30/2009
If your're worried about energy loss the best way would be to use a power meter and record the kilowatt hours for a day both with and without the air curtain.

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