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Clinical Thermography Eddie Hindmarsh 5/6/2004
I am having difficulty in finding a Registered Medical Practitioner in Africa who can read and diagnose Thermograms, at this stage particularly breast cancer. Any suugestions appreciated
Re:Clinical Thermography JKEngineer 5/6/2004
I can't point you to one in Africa, nor any specific one elsewhere. However, if you are not restricted to having them read in the same country (as opposed to continent) as your practice, then you can widen your search to the world. I have seen commentary and proposals on the web for having them read remotely. Once it is remote, does it matter what continent the reader is on?

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Re:Clinical Thermography Thermasearch 5/15/2004
You might go to or for your information. These sites have been around for a while and may have the contacts or sources that you need.

Good Luck,

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