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detecting cracks in stamped auto body panels valiot 5/6/2004
I'm trying to determine if using an infrared camera will be suitable in my application. Car Body panels come off a sheet metal press. I want to detect splits and cracks in the parts. Before I ask a sales rep to do an infrared test on the parts, I want to know if i'm totally crazy for thinking infrared.

The pressing process causes friction on the sheet metal so I think it will glow. If there are holes or cracks (gaps) in the metal then they should show up as dark black areas right?

I also read about an application called Thermosonix which is ultrasonic vibration of a part to cause heat friction. This might bring out cracks more.

My original feeling was to pass the part through a dark area and shine a light underneath it. This way I could use a regular camera and look for light shining through (yes, the cracks are that big). My only concern is light bleeding.

Any ideas?
Re:detecting cracks in stamped auto body panels JKEngineer 5/6/2004
There was a paper at SPIE a few years ago that demonstrated using electrical current through a part perpendicular to the direction of the crack. The tips of the crack heated disproportionately. This would be good for small cracks. If you can look through them, it seems like overkill.
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