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Close up shots blkexp98 12/18/2009
I need to take some thermograms of some electrical panels in a small room and cant get back far enough to take the whole picture. How have you delt with this issue out in the field? The best thing i can come up with is to take it in multiple pictures but putting that in report form could be confusing for the customer. If i cropped and made them into one picture the chance it would be pieced together and look right would be slim to none. My camera is a P640.

This also brings me to another issue. How do you monitior the ambient temperature and set the Treflect? Ive been using a piece of cardboard that was waved in the air to get a ambient reading and crinkled tin foil for the Treflect. With that said is there a more professional way to do this. Thats not something i really want to do in front of a customer, though its reliable.

Re:Close up shots manuel-thermoimagen 12/18/2009
you need Flir´s ImageBuilder..
check some images at:

Re:Close up shots Mrthermalman 1/5/2010
manuel-thermoimagen wrote:

you need Flir´s ImageBuilder..
check some images at:

Try using a system such as taking pictures of the panel left to right , top to bottom along with a digital photo of the panel for each IR pic.
If you can point out on the digital pic, where the infrared (IR) pic is and explain how you took pics in sequence.
Also try to get the same angle if you are using two different cameras this seems to help along with any breaker info available at time of scan, such as what breaker number it is or what does it control.
Re:Close up shots Pete 1/6/2010
I use a wide angle lens with my P640. Great way to pull in an entire cubicle.
Re:Close up shots Pete 1/6/2010
Pete wrote:
wide angle lens with my P640. Great way to pull in an entire cubicle.
Sorry, forgot the second part of your question. I use the foil method for the Tref. I use a Kestrel 3000 for the ambient. It also has a humidity mode if humidity factors into your surveys. Usually outdoors in the switchyards on a damp day.

Waving the cardboard is a pretty accurate way to get the ambient. May not look as "Professional" as a Kestrel but, whatever works.
Re:Close up shots blkexp98 1/6/2010
Thanks for the help. Ill have to check into that wide angle lense. That may be just what im looking for.

That Kestrel piece may be a good addition to my kit. I havent needed to do much outside other than trying to keep my skills sharp but that wind meter would be useful as well.

Thanks again for the replies so far.
Re:Close up shots wildbill 1/7/2010
You can also use PowerPoint to stitch images together. I use Snag-it to capture the IR images then insert them into a blank PP slide. Move and crop the images until you have a smooth transition from one image to another.

Make sure you have the same distance and angle to the subject for each shot. This takes some practice.
Re:Close up shots m.i.r.thermography 1/11/2010
I have a concern with getting the TRefl with a piece of foil and the NFP 70E and Z462 rules. Anyone else have concerns with this or have a work around?
Re:Close up shots Pete 2/10/2010

Sorry I know I am a day late and a dollar short in my reply. I never use the crumpled foil method around exposed engerized components. For switch gear cubicles, I keep the door shut until I have all the parameters established. I also never come within the established safe working distance per our plant electrical safety procedure.

If the situation requires it, I will use the out of focus method instead of the foil method to obtain my Tref.

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